hips, spine and shoulder mobility

Hips, Spine & Shoulders Mobility Work

November 14, 2020 CircleFit 0

Here’s your weekly dose of mobility:1️⃣ Hip ER Series + Hip IR Series2️⃣ Hip Groin Series3️⃣ Prone Swimmers4️⃣ Quadruped Thoracic Rotation5️⃣ Prone Scorpion Kick Overs6️⃣ […]

Abs Workout

November 11, 2020 CircleFit 0

Do You Do It Right? Elbow to knee kicks4 π™¨π™šπ™©π™¨ 𝙭 20 seconds Seated oblique twists4 π™¨π™šπ™©π™¨ 𝙭 30 seconds V sit double kicks4 sets […]

Home Workout

Home Workout Benefits

July 25, 2020 CircleFit 0

Home workouts are very beneficial especially during the current situation we are in. They: *Are convenient. Life is hectic, but working out at home makes […]

Planks benefits

July 24, 2020 CircleFit 0

30 minutes Deep core activation and strength isometric workout. When you do planks, you should constantly be focused on your body, intentionally activating your core, […]