knee rehab


November 2, 2020 CircleFit 0

KNEE REHAB Quadriceps Tendinopathy: Early Stage⁣ Pain just above your kneecap?? If so, this one’s for you! ⁣Today’s post contains some examples of early stage […]

lower back


October 16, 2020 CircleFit 0

LOWER BODY STRETCH ROUTINE–Great routine by @kellstone35 on static lower body stretching.–A good time to use static stretching (SS) is to return tissue to resting length by […]

shoulder mobility

Shoulder Mobility

September 7, 2020 CircleFit 0

Being flexible and bendy is great, but having control of your full range of motion should be the ultimate goal!Static stretching is a great way […]

back mobility

Back Stretch and Mobility Routine

August 13, 2020 CircleFit 0

Follow @danrockwellfitness for daily pain management tips 30 Seconds each👇🏼▪️Cat/Cow▪️Supine Piriformis Stretch▪️Childs Pose (both variations)▪️Pigeon (upright and sleeping)▪️Cobra▪️Downward Facing Dog▪️Rabbit▪️Supine Twist

shoulder rehab


August 11, 2020 CircleFit 0

The shoulder is a complex joint, requiring a combination of multidirectional mobility, stability, and strength. When addressing shoulder instability, my goal is to challenge the […]

Home Workout

Home Workout Benefits

July 25, 2020 CircleFit 0

Home workouts are very beneficial especially during the current situation we are in. They: *Are convenient. Life is hectic, but working out at home makes […]


July 25, 2020 CircleFit 0

Keep mood and energy high, pain and Inflammation low, and enjoy restful sleep. Cryotherapy helps to raise serotonin, endorphin and dopamine levels and is great […]