IT Band Syndrome Rehab for Runners

IT Band Rehab

🧨First off, stop smashing or rolling your IT Band. This tissue is more like fascia than muscle, which means it is super strong and there is no amount of foam rolling that is going to be able to “loosen” it up, so just stop.

🧨Now that we have that out of the way, the IT Band is a long band that travels from the anterior / lateral hip down the outside of the leg to the outside of the knee and it can get angry when the hips aren’t mobile or strong enough to do their job.

🧨That means we need to incorporate both hip mobility and hip strength / stability in our plan of care to calm this down and for runners it’s so important to include motor control drills for both the jumping and landing phase to improve mechanics and reduce stress to the IT Band.

🧨Pain with this is typically in the lateral (outside part) of the knee, where the lower part of the IT Band attaches. This seems to be pretty common with endurance athletes but really anyone can suffer from this nagging pain.

🧨The following set of exercises may be able to help:
1️⃣ Feet Elevated Glute Bridge + Banded Psoas March
2️⃣ Standing Banded Clamshells
3️⃣ Single Leg 3” Eccentric Squats to Box
4️⃣ Cossack Squats (actually the ones in the video are lateral lunges)
5️⃣ Single Leg Depth Drop Landing Drills
6️⃣ Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps