Full Body Mobility Routine

full body mobility routine

8 exercises using a pvc, but can be performed using a wood dowel, a broomstick, or any stick that you have laying around the house!
1️⃣ Prone Thoracic Rotation with PVC
2️⃣ Prone PVC OH Press + Raise
3️⃣ Kneeing Groin + Windmill
4️⃣ Standing Hip ER
5️⃣ Standing Hip IR
6️⃣ 90/90 Back Leg Pry Up with PVC
7️⃣ Behind Back Bent Over T Spine Rotations
8️⃣ Assisted Pancake Mobilizations

Dr. Stacie Morris DPT,USAW,FRC recommends 1-2 sets of each exercise. This entire routine will take less than 20 minutes to complete.