Shoulder Mobility

shoulder mobility

Being flexible and bendy is great, but having control of your full range of motion should be the ultimate goal!
Static stretching is a great way to improve someone’s mobility as it is found over the years that static stretching is not the best use of your time & it doesn’t translate well into functional movement.
Active mobility techniques like these improve range of motion while also gaining better muscular control of this new range!
This creates a neuromuscular response that allows our body to feel SAFE into greater ranges of motion and keeps ligamentous stress at bay.

1️⃣ Seated Shoulder CARs to Crab Reaches
2️⃣ Prone Shoulder Hurdles
3️⃣ Prone Behind Head Shoulder Lift Offs
4️⃣ Prone Behind Back Shoulder Lift Offs
5️⃣ Quadruped to Alternating Down Dog Toe Taps

All it takes is 10 minutes a day to take care of your joints!  Doing this routine consistently will really make a difference in how you move and how you feel!

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