shoulder rehab

The shoulder is a complex joint, requiring a combination of multidirectional mobility, stability, and strength. When addressing shoulder instability, my goal is to challenge the shoulder in a variety of ways, including both open and closed chain exercises.

Rehab varies person to person, but in my opinion, the ultimate goal should place emphasis on movement & education. Manual therapy is a great tool to utilize for pain mitigation, but overtime should be faded out in order to build autonomy.

Here are 6 exercises I like to use to improve shoulder stability. (In no particular order)
1️⃣ KB Bottoms Up Press + Roll + Punch + Corkscrew
2️⃣ KB Bottoms Up Lunge into 1/2 Kneeling Windmill + Lunge into Shoulder Press
3️⃣ Waiter Walks at 90 degrees then into OH Walks
4️⃣ Scapular Plank Push-up + Press up + Shoulder Taps + Alternating Foot to Toe Taps
5️⃣ Multi-directional Bear Crawls
6️⃣ Prone Bench Row + External Rotation + OH Press into Angels

I’d do 3 sets of 8-12 of each exercise shown.

Considerations shown:
1. Closed chain (multi-directional)
2. Stability emphasis (multi-planar)
3. Foundational strength (open & closed-chain)